A photo of Clover Stroud, author and journalist

Clover Stroud is an Oxfordshire-based writer and journalist, writing regularly for the Sunday Times, the Guardian, and the Telegraph, among others. Her book, The Wild Other, was shortlisted for The Wainwright Prize.

Her critically acclaimed second book, My Wild and Sleepless Nights: A Mother’s Story, was rated one of ‘the best books of 2020’ by the Observer and the Telegraph. She’ll be joining us to talk about her powerful and transcendent third memoir, The Red of my Blood.

‘Can death bring something good to my life?’
A few weeks before Christmas, Clover’s sister Nell Gifford, founder of Gifford’s Circus, died of breast cancer, aged forty-six. Just days before, she had been given years to live. Nell’s sudden death split Clover’s life apart.

The Red of My Blood charts Clover’s fearless passage through the first year after her sister’s death. It is a book about what life feels like when death interrupts it, and about bearing the unbearable and describing an experience that seems beyond words.

Lyrical, hopeful, it is also about the magical way in which death and life exist so vividly beside one another, and the wonder of being human.

Tickets include dinner and Clover’s talk, plus Q&A.

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