Georgian Stables feasting table


Our Georgian Stable block is resplendent with original features, which makes it a unique venue for an intimate gathering.

Jolly revellers come hither! Our feasting menu reflects and respects the Georgian period. It beckons you to devour and imbibe, to feast and be merry.

For a minimum of 8 revellers, indulge in this celebratory stroke of decadance. No occasion too special, yet no reason required. Just because is enough.

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Barely touched since its working days, the stable’s cobblestone floor, four stalls, feeding troughs and hay baskets remain intact and fabulously conserved.

Dressed with twinkling lights and austere bunting, the mood is set to relax and enjoy.

The mighty wood burner soothes us less hardy modern types – stoke it as required – a cosy feast awaits.

Georgian Stables at The White Hart of Wytham
Dine in our Georgian stable

As the birch and ash log fire glows and Handel’s Oratorios play, your 3-course feast begins.

A magnum of White Burgundy sets the tone for your starters. A decanter of Claret will help you decide on your mains. And Wytham foraged sloes drowned in good gin accompany a traditional Georgian finish.

Your feast is served from our trusty wood-fired Asado grill. And should you wish to substitute our wine recommendations for your own preferences – just let us know at the time of booking.

We ask that you give us 10 days’ notice for any feasting booking, and we do require a minimum of 8 revelling folk. To secure the entire stable to your group, we suggest a gathering of 16 or so, or as many as 32.

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